When is pubg new state coming

Following Krafton’s confirmation that PUBG: New State would launch on Android and iOS devices in late 2021, the game was subsequently released on November 11.

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But now, thanks to the trailer below, we can see that the official global PUBG: New State release date is November 11. What is the PUBG: New State battleground? PUBG: New State will see you dropping into a brand-new battleground called TROI.

GAME UPDATES 2022-03-16. 2022-03-17 Patch Notes (Updated) Spring has arrived on the Battlegrounds — and with it, new content and improvements! EVENTS 2022-03-16. NEW STATE MOBILE x McLAREN Collaboration Event. We’re officially launching the March Update with a special collaboration with McLaren 765LT. GAME UPDATES 2022-03-16.

Season One of PUBG New State came out on Thursday January 13th 2022. This means it will be live for quite some time, and with know official release date for season 2 right now, but we would hope to…

Here’s what we know. November 9th, 2021 by Elliott Gatica PUBG: New State is an upcoming battle royale game that is a sequel to the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This game is slated for a November 11th release on iOS and Android devices, leaving people wondering if there will be a console equivalent of this being ported.

Drop into PUBG NEW STATE on Nov. 11 Get your gear and devices ready, Survivors. We’re excited to announce that PUBG NEW STATE will launch globally on November 11, 2021! Join PUBG NEW STATE’s Final Technical Test! Before PUBG NEW STATE’s official launch, KRAFTON is hosting a final two-day Technical Test in late-October!

In January 2021, Kim Chang-han, the Krafton CEO, told Bloomberg that the company was planning on releasing a new mobile title (which turned out to be PUBG: New State), a PUBG-related game by next year, and a survival horror game in 2022 (now confirmed as the Callisto Protocol) that will depict the “PUBG universe three centuries into the future.”

PUBG New State Season 2: New Upcoming Map Details Revealed. By Luke Weaser-Seychell. Published: 15 Feb 2022, 12:06. PUBG New State Season 2 will be going live in the near future and we can reveal…

Get your content on the world stage. We’ll set aside space on NEW STATE MOBILE official social media channels for the global audience to see and admire your content. 05 EXCLUSIVE NEW STATE MOBILE CONTENT ACCESS. Only A-SQUAD partners will have access to a variety of the latest NEW STATE MOBILE contents to help make their content one-of-a-kind.

What is PUBG NEW STATE? It is a mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground developed by Tencent Games. It is a 100-player battle royale game in which the last one standing wins. When will the videogame be available for download The videogame was released on November 11, 2021. So, you may download it right now. Where can I download it?

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Is PUBG new state a sequel to PUBG 2?

First off, it’s worth clarifying that PUBG: New State is not PUBG 2 (hence why we’re hesitant to call it a sequel). Rather, it’s a new battle royale game exclusive to Android and iOS, following the release of PUBG Mobile in 2018 and PUBG Mobile Lite in 2020, the latter of which has since been discontinued.

Will there be a new map in PUBG new state?

This new map is exactly what the gaming community needs as it will give the game a huge refresh and many want this evolution in PUBG New State.

Is this the new PUBG-related game?

However, it appears the new PUBG-related game, believed to be PUBG 2, which was meant to be a true sequel to the original game and “grounded in realism” , has been scrapped. The Loadout understands content from that game is now being worked into PUBG under the title Project RE:BORN.

What’s new in pupubg new state?

PUBG: New State has added several new features to the existing battle royale formula that helped put the original game on the map, which we’ll detail below, but it still looks very much like the traditional PUBG experience we’ve come to know and love.

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