How to use controller on pubg mobile

Here are steps to play PUBG Mobile with a controller Download an app called Octopus Choose the device to connect and play PUBG Mobile with (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse)

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To use this keymapper app to enable the controller on PUBG Mobile, follow these steps: Download and install Panda Gamepad Pro. Connect your controller to your Android device.

This is an Easy Tutorial on How to play PubG Mobile with PS4 Controller WirelessYou can use “ANY Controller with the Panda Gamepad Pro App”You Need the Panda…

pubg mobile, How to use xbox 1 Controller. How to pair your xbox controller to your phone and play Pubg mobile using your controller.

You’ll need to launch PUBG Mobile through the app, like how it was on Android, and your controller should kick in as PUBG Mobile launches.

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Can you play PUBG Mobile with a controller without root?

Although the option play with a controller or keyboard and mouse hasn’t officially been added, there are ways to connect Xbox and PS4 controllers plus keyboard and mice to get the most of out the game. What makes this technique even better is the fact that you can play PUBG Mobile with a controller without root.

Does PUBG Mobile have touch controls?

For a mobile game, the touch controls in PUBG Mobile are set up very well and make playing a breeze, especially if you are playing on a device with a decent amount of screen space.

How do you play games with a controller on Android?

To begin, open the Play Store on your device and download an app called Octopus. This app is cleverly crafted allowing you to connect a controller/keyboard/mouse to it, then run games within its platform, giving you access to all the peripheral devices you’d normally use to play games.

How to play PUBG on octopus with OTG cable?

Some OTG cables come with the newer USB-c adapter only. Now you can start playing games! As PUBG Mobile is already listed inside Octopus tap it once to launch the game.

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