How to set csgo to 144hz

This simple tutorial will show you all how to enable 120 Hz or 144 Hz o… Don’t know how to enable your monitors refresh rate in Counter Strike Global Offense?

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If your desktop res is set to 144hz then all you need to do is use the launch command -freq 144 and if you can launch the game with no errors then you res …

As said before I don’t think -freq 144 or -refresh 144 works. Just add it just incase it might still work. To see if the game is running on 144hz you can turn on V-sync and see if the fps caps at 144. level 2. · 7 yr. ago. hmm i have a 144 hz monitor and i turned on vsync (triple buffered), but my fps isnt capped.

Try check the monitor’s build in menu. Maybe the monitor can be toggled 60 and 144hz. Switch to 60 hz and play for an hour, then switch to 144. The difference would then be obvious. ive gone into the monitor ui while in game, and yea it said 144 when i did

I’ll make another video showing some good monitor settings for csgo. The V-… Some helpful tips for setting up a 144hz refresh rate monitor for the first time.

Windows 10 144hz Setup In the start bar, search for the term “display settings.” you should see an option for “Change Display Settings.” Click… Click the “Advanced Display Settings” option on the window that opens. Now click on the “Display Adaptor Settings for…” button and select your 144hz …

Click “Display adaptor properties for…” for the monitor you wish to set to 144hz (you may not get this step if you have just one monitor) Click the “Monitor” tab on the newly opened window; Set “Screen refresh rate:” to 144 Hertz, click “Apply” and press “OK” – you’re done! Windows 7 and 8

If you are using a 60Hz monitor, change the number 144 to 60.-novid: Turns off animations at the start of the game.-nojoy: Disables the useless game console.-noaafonts: It provides FPS increase by turning off the asynchronous filtering feature in fonts.-freq 144: It fixes your FPS to 144.-high: Starts CSGO in high priority mode. It provides a slight FPS increase on …

All set. 144hz Refresh rates are now enabled on your monitor. For Windows 7 Users – If you are using windows 7 or windows 8, then the steps might be a little different for you. Right-click on the desktop and click on Screen Resolution. A pop-up window will open. Here go to Advance settings. Here, Choose refresh rate to 144hz’s and click on save.

While ingame, go to your video options and turn on vertical sync (triple buffering, any option doesn’t matter). Open up console and open net graph. If your fps is locked to 144 or 120, then you have the right refresh rate. Remember to go to video options and turn off vertical sync after you test this. 1 Reply Share ReportSaveFollow level 2

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Why can’t I get 144Hz on CSGO?

If you have a 144hz monitor but you’re not getting 144 refreshes per second, you may need to change your Windows settings. This should also set CS:GO up to launch with this setting already enabled. On your desktop, right-click and select the “Screen Resolution” option. Now select the monitor that you want to change settings for.

How do I set my monitor to 144Hz?

Go to your start menu, search “display settings” and click “Change display settings” At the bottom of the newly opened window, click “Advanced display settings” Click “Display adaptor properties for…” for the monitor you wish to set to 144hz (you may not get this step if you have just one monitor)

What is the refresh rate for CSGO?

The refresh rate (in hz) is how many times per second your monitor will update – at 60hz, your monitor is effectively showing 60 frames per second. For 144hz monitors, set this to “-refresh 144” so that your game refreshes 144 times a second. -fullscreen. This launch option forces CS:GO to start in fullscreen mode.

What is the best launch option for 144Hz?

CS:GO Launch Options for 144hz. There’s only one launch option that you should be using if you have a monitor that’s capable of 144 refreshes per second. -refresh 144. Whether or not you need to be using this launch option/command is up for debate.

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