How to play pubg mobile with controller

Here’s how to set up the app to enable playing PUBG Mobile with a controller on your iPhone: Download ShootingPlus from the App Store and install the app. Connect the controller to …

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Choose the device to connect and play PUBG Mobile with (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse) Click on connect the device; A small instruction pad will show how to connect your gamepad with your phone; And then launch PUBG Mobile with the Octopus; Players can also customize their gamepad controls according to their liking

How To Play PUBG MOBILE With any CONTROLLER (Very EASY tutorial 2020/Android/No Root/)In this video we show you how to connect your Xbox One or any other con… AboutPressCopyrightContact …

This is an Easy Tutorial on How to play PubG Mobile with PS4 Controller WirelessYou can use “ANY Controller with the Panda Gamepad Pro App”You Need the Panda…

Launch Octopus and then launch PUBG Mobile through the application; Log into whatever account you want to use on PUBG Mobile; You’ll want …

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Can you play PUBG Mobile with a Bluetooth controller?

Most Bluetooth controllers natively work on Android devices and supported games. PUBG Mobile doesn’t officially support any other input methods other than its touchscreen controls, but you can still play with your controller by installing a keymapper app.

How do you play games with a controller on Android?

To begin, open the Play Store on your device and download an app called Octopus. This app is cleverly crafted allowing you to connect a controller/keyboard/mouse to it, then run games within its platform, giving you access to all the peripheral devices you’d normally use to play games.

How to map controls in PUBG Mobile using mantis?

Once you add and open a game through Mantis, suppose PUBG Mobile, you should see a small overlay on the top left corner. To map your controls, open the game’s touch-based control layout and then tap on the Mantis floating widget and hit the ‘+’ sign to add a D-Pad, face keys, or the left and right thumbstick, and even the opacity.

How to play PUBG on octopus with OTG cable?

Some OTG cables come with the newer USB-c adapter only. Now you can start playing games! As PUBG Mobile is already listed inside Octopus tap it once to launch the game.

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