How to kill duriel diablo 2

First, players should be sure to create a town portal in case a fast getaway is needed. Using fire, cold, lightning, or poison abilities will work well against Duriel, but his resistance will go up for each level of difficulty. The Necromancer’s Bone Prison and the Assassin’s Burst of Speed abilities are good for avoiding Duriel’s melee attacks.

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Diablo 2 – How to Kill Duriel with the Barbarian (NO town portals, NO merc) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your …

How to Defeat Duriel in ‘Diablo 2 Ressurected’ According to Republicworld, Duriel is the guard inside the Tomb of Tal Rasha. Players will need the Horadric Staff to unlock the chamber. Note that the chamber is extremely small compared to other boss lairs, so players won’t have much room to run around. The biggest trick when playing against Duriel is to dodge his attacks and …

How to beat Duriel in Diablo 2: Resurrected. Don’t let the Maggot King bug you. Stephanie Roehler. September 25, 2021. Diablo 2: Resurrected Guides. The mystical and …

Re: How to kill Duriel? As described above, 1. make tp 2. whale on dury until you’re near death 3. go to town, res merc, buy pots 4. jump back down the tp 5. repeat always works for me. One hint though, make the town portal as soon as you enter (make it a hot key) so you can flee quickly. DH Amazon Diabloii.Net Member Jun 22, 2009 #8

This is the Act 2 equivalent of the Act 3 Mephisto moat trick. After the quest, Duriel can be lured to the bridge inside Tal Rasha’s chamber. I think your ch…

Normally, when fighting Duriel, it’s best to use Guerilla Warfare tactics on him. Especially when fighting him solo. Use ReJuvs, Thaw potion’s, and make sure to activate a TP before you fight him. These tactics should be enough to kill him even on solo.

You can use Unsummon (from the right-click option menu) to get rid of skeleton magi until you’re left with all cold and poison magi, which are the types you want (one to slow Duriel down and one to deal damage). Don’t bother putting more than 3 points into Skeleton Mage; they’re a minor contribution at best. Mercenary

Once you’ve completed the quest to kill the oversized slug-thing that is Duriel, the correct Tal Rasha tomb symbol no longer shows up in your quest log. How do you find him to kill him again? Is there an easier way than going into all 7 tombs?

Go back to Arcane Sanctuary and clear the area. Then go to the wrong tombs on purpose and clear the false tombs. The point of this is to level up and get stronger and maybe get better gear. Depending on your class, attempting Duriel before Level 18 is likely suicide. Make sure you have a mercenary AND GIVE IT SOME GEAR TOO. 13 level 2 · 2 yr. ago

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