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Stretch Resolution Tutorial 2020 (2022 STILL WORKS)1440×1080 – Shown in video also!Hope this helps you!AMD Tutorial:…

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So, to properly stretch your resolution in CS:GO, do the following: Go to your desktop and right-click > Nvidia Control Panel. Then, go to Change Resolution from the right-hand menu. Click on Customize at the bottom. Then, in the new pop-up, click ‘Create Custom Resolution’.

Option 1: Stretched 4:3. For a Stretched resolution, you want to select Full-screen in the scaling mode and make sure to choose GPU for it. After that, hit the apply button and make sure you confirm the changes before 20 seconds. The NVIDIA Control Panel user interface would be something like this:

A quick tutorial on how to get custom resolutions like 4:3 in either stretched, or black bars configuration. …

to get a stretched image without black bars, select the scaling mode of “Full-screen”. If you are using AMD graphics card and prefer to adjust by display, open the control panel > go to “GPU Scaling > turn off “Enable” button. to get a 4:3 image with black bars, go to display menu > select display mode > choose “Aspect”.

Before stretching a picture in CS:GO on computers with an integrated Intel HD card, you need to launch the Intel GPU control panel. Then: Set the display resolution as in the game (1024 x 768 or 1280 x 960). Select the “full screen” scaling option. Apply …

-Change your monitor resolution to the resolution you want to stretch;-Open GPU control panel and change the scaling option to full screen (or enabled), apply;-Make sure csgo is running at the same resolution you just stretched, and done;-Revert the monitor resolution to the original, your changes will be saved; Step-by-step guide:

Set a resolution similar to the game (1024×768); At the bottom, find the “Scaling” section and put a tick on the “Zoom to full screen” item; Save settings and close the panel. After that, the image will change. You can safely go into the game and enjoy the enlarged models. The result is a standard 4:3 stretched over a rectangular monitor.

You can do that in game setting. Go to settings->video->aspect ratio select ratio you want and test it. (remember stretch is possible only on non 16:9 ratios and applies only if you have 16:9 ratio monitor, in 4:3 monitor you cannot stretch screen). Other way is you can do it by setting launcher option.

First step: Change your Aspect Ratio to NORMAL 4:3. Second step: Choose your desired resolution. E.g 1400×1050 (highest), 1152×864 (middle), 640×480 (lowest). Keep in mind, a highest resolution means less fps butt better quality , a lower resolution means more fps but a worst quality. Third step:

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How do I stretch the resolution of CSGO?

-Change your monitor resolution to the resolution you want to stretch; -Open GPU control panel and change the scaling option to full screen (or enabled), apply; -Make sure csgo is running at the same resolution you just stretched, and done;

How do I stretch CS GO?

If you have cs:go opened, close it now. 1 – Set your computer resolution to the same resolution you want to stretch. Example: If you want to play cs:go using 1024 x 720 stretched, you must change the computer resolution to 1024 x 720 first.

How to stretch CSGO 4-3 screen?

But first, we set the standard parameters in the game (4:3 and 1024×768). Then we proceed directly to stretching CS:GO 4:3. For NVidia: Right-click on the desktop; Select “NVidia Control Panel”; Find “Adjust the size and position of the desktop”; Set the parameter “Full screen”; Save settings. Attention!

Is it possible to stretch CSGO on Windows 10?

Even on awkward Windows 10. First you have to set the settings that are necessary to stretch the game. This is a 4:3 (square) format with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, the display mode is full screen. All methods work with such a base. After saving the settings, you must close the CS:GO.

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