How to get guns in pubg lobby

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HOW TO GET GUN IN LOBBY PUBG 🔥 HOW TO GET GUN IN SPAWN ISLAND 🔥 HOW TO TAKE GUN IN LOBBY EVERYTIME. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn’t begin …

Here’s how to carry weapons in the PUBG Mobile lobby: First of all, of course, you first enter PUBG Mobile by logging in as usual. Then you open your inventory, a place to change skins and more. Once in the inventory menu you open the settings below your left, with a picture of the gear that you can click on.

PUBG MOBILE * Where to Find Guns in Start/Lobby – And How to refuel Vehicles – YouTube.

How to Put Weapon in the Lobby PubG Mobile. First, you must enter your inventory, where you can customize the weapons, their accessories, your costumes and, finally, the skins of your weapons. Choose one for the pistol you will use in the Lobby. Remember that it should always be something striking and admirable, so use the most colorful one you have.

Answer (1 of 4): There is a cave in the island in which you spawn. You must have noticed it. Go in and there are those huge metal containers. Spam your jump and somehow you will be able to climb it. Guns dropping there are pretty rare. Personally i haven’t been able …

In short, to have a weapon in the PUBG lobby you need a weapon with its skin. For this, you must buy it or earn it, but preferably earn it. Now you just have to equip it from your inventory and enter a game to appear in the lobby and be able to use it.

No the guns are just weapon pickups in the lobby, you can pick them up at the tables by the runway or by the houses at the back. And no they dont get to keep them when the game starts #2

Whoever decided it’s a good idea to put guns in the lobby deserves a special place in hell. Hate it. So stupid. This is just their things so people could show off their gun skins in lobby. And more more people do rigged crates opening. Showing skins is good, so I think we shouldn’t get bullets after loading to lobby.

Can’t hold guns in lobby.. Is anyone else not able to hold guns in the lobby anymore?

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