How to get butcher pet diablo 3

Most players will be tempted to go through the new dungeon with their favorite character, but to get the Butcher pet, players need to go in with a completely fresh character.

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How to Get Butcher Pet in Diablo 3 (Darkening of Tristram) – YouTube. Learn how to get the Butcher Pet in Diablo 3 during the Darkening of Tristram event. The baby butcher is a great addition to …

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Blizzard recently released patch 2.4.3 for Diablo III. That number might not sound that exciting, but old-school fans of the series are bound to get a kick out of what it contains. In addition to fixing a few issues, it adds a limited-time dungeon based on the first game – complete with a retro visual filter, sounds, and more.

The Butcher is a pet available in Diablo III for those who complete the Anniversary Dungeon (specifically, it must be completed by a fresh character of level 1 at the moment of entering the cathedral, in one continuous solo run, without resetting the game). He has been described as a “baby Butcher.”

To get the butcher pet in Diablo 3 you have to play the Anniversary Dungeon again. Compared to the Royal Calf you get the mini-butcher relatively easy and without many intermediate steps. – The butcher companions are rewarded for their success “An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision”.

Should also be worth noting you can use paragon pts, the cube and a gem of ease. As long as you are lvl 1 when you start, using those things won’t stop you from getting the pet or achievement.

How to get the mini butcher pet You have to do that: The mini butcher is linked to a success in Diablo 3. If you unlock the achievement “An eerie red …

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