How to connect xbox controller to pubg mobile

How To Play PUBG MOBILE With any CONTROLLER (Very EASY tutorial 2020/Android/No Root/)In this video we show you how to connect your Xbox One or any other con…

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pubg mobile, How to use xbox 1 Controller. How to pair your xbox controller to your phone and play Pubg mobile using your controller.

To begin, open the Play Store on your device and download an app called Octopus. This app is cleverly crafted allowing you to connect a controller/keyboard/mouse to it, then run games within its platform, giving you access to all the peripheral devices you’d normally use to play games.

Bring your Xbox controller or your PS4 controller. Go to your phone’s settings and activate Bluetooth. Search for a new Bluetooth device. You should see “Wireless Controller”. Access the PUBG Mobile application. Also, Can I use Xbox controller on PUBG Mobile? However, there is one way to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. …

Choose the device to connect and play PUBG Mobile with (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse) Click on connect the device; A small instruction pad will show how to connect your gamepad with your phone; And then launch PUBG Mobile with the Octopus; Players can also customize their gamepad controls according to their liking

You’ll need to launch PUBG Mobile through the app, like how it was on Android, and your controller should kick in as PUBG Mobile launches.

To use this keymapper app to enable the controller on PUBG Mobile, follow these steps: Download and install Panda Gamepad Pro. Connect your controller to your Android device.

The button assignment of the controller can be freely selected. Functionally, playing PUBG with a controller from the manufacturer Riot is not provided. Fun Fact: A new crazy and funny product for gamers was mentioned to us by “MoCS” via email (thanks for that!). You can take a look at it here.

0:15 5:14 How to Play PUBG Mobile With a Controller (PS4 & XBOX). No Root YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip Press the button on you know a controller at the back to stop the sync and the devices will pair. More Press the button on you know a controller at the back to stop the sync and the devices will pair.

How to play Mobile Legends with Xbox controller? You must turn on the Bluetooth connectivity on the controller first. Press down on the button until it flickers. Once it’s in pairing mode, head to the Bluetooth section on your mobile device. Turn it on, find the gamepad on list. And then tap on it to complete the pairing process.

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