How often can you respec in diablo 2 resurrected

Early in D2 you had the quest rewards for each difficulty (so three in total), but later they added an option to farm certain materials and use the cube to respec. So it should be an infinite amount, but you have to put some work into it. You can read about the details here:

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The remaster stays true to the original game by limiting the number of times you can respec in a single playthrough. If you pick a Diablo 2 Resurrected class and you create a suboptimal build, you…

How many times can you Respec or Reset Skill Points And Stats in Diablo 2 Resurrected? As mentioned earlier in this guide, there are two ways you can respec or reset Skill Points and Stats in D2R. If you choose to do so by completing Ankara’s quest in Act 1, you will be able to do so up to three times.

You can respec up to three times per character, once per difficulty (Normal, Nightmare and Hell). To unlock a higher difficulty, you need to …

To respec your skills in Diablo 2, you will need to go back to Act I in any difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, Hell). Complete Akara’s “Den of Evil” quest, and speak with her at the Rogue Encampment. Choose the option to “Reset Stat/Skill Points,” and everything will reset for you. You can only do this once per difficulty, which means you only get three free stat and skill respecs.

The hard way. Once you’ve used those three free respecs, you can still respec your character in Diablo 2: Resurrected but you’ll need to work for it. You’ll also need to have completed the …

How to respec in Diablo 2: Resurrected. Diablo 2: Resurrected affords players one respec per difficulty, handed out by the Act 1 NPC Akara. The good news is, you’ll earn it from the first quest in the game. Simply clear the Den of Evil and speak to Akara. An option to reset all stat and skill points will appear when you next speak to her.

This means players can reset their stats up to three times, but the option does go away after using it on Hell difficulty. Diablo 2: Resurrected …

Only 1 time for each difficulty. Then you have to get essences from Bosses and cube them into tokens. As long as you make tokens you can’t run out of respecs.

Technically speaking, you can do this as many times as you want. However, “grind” is an accurate term here, because farming these essences is not easy or fast. Are you at a weird in-between place of having both earned and used your Normal difficulty reset, but you haven’t made a bunch of progress?

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