How far can you see from. mount diablo

With a summit 3,849 feet above sea level, Mount Diablo stands like a sentinel watching over the Bay Area. The views from the top are arresting — in fact, on a …

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As mountains go, Mount Diablo isn’t particularly tall – only 3,849 feet. However, it is surrounded by low, rolling hills and broad, flat valleys, so the view from the Summit is remarkable. When conditions are best, you can see almost 200 miles.

The 17-mile drive from South Gate to the top of 3,849-foot Mount Diablo includes several pullouts with gorgeous lookouts across the Diablo Valley to …

How far can you see from Mt Diablo? Diablo State Park. When the conditions are ideal (the best time for viewing is in the winter or early spring after a storm has cleared the skies), you can see nearly 200 miles. Why do they call it Mt Diablo?

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A viewshed is the area visible from a specific vantage point, including land or water. According to Earl’s calculations, Mount Diablo’s viewshed is between 13,000 and 21,000 square miles. That might sound like a lot, but Earl concluded that from other, taller North American mountains, it’s possible to see over three times as much.

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How do you get to Mount Diablo?

Road access is via North Gate Road or South Gate Road. The peak is in Mount Diablo State Park, a state park of about 20,000 acres (8,000 hectares). The state park was the first public open space established on or near the peak.

What type of mountain is Mount Diablo?

Mount Diablo is a geologic anomaly about 30 miles (50 km) east of San Francisco. The mountain is the result of geologic compression and uplift caused by the movements of the Earth’s plates. The mountain lies between converging earthquake faults and continues to grow slowly.

Can you hike Mount Diablo State Park?

The popular tourist attraction can be seen from afar, but to get the best possible experience, Mount Diablo State Park consists of a number of trails, which allow hikers to get up close and personal with mountain. Here’s everything you need to know about Mt. Diablo.

Can you see Yosemite National Park from the top of Mt Diablo?

Visible from most of the San Francisco area, Mt. Diablo reaches an elevation of 3,849 feet and is surrounded only by low hills, so the view from the top of the mountain is unblocked and fantastic. In the best possible weather conditions, you can even see parts of Yosemite National Park from the summit.

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