How does armor work in pubg

This video will help you understand how armor works in PUBG and give you a guide when you’re questioning whether to drop your level 2 vest for a broken level…

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Welcome back to another PUBG tip video for Xboxone many of you were asking to make a video about armor and how it works and which armor is best in PUBG. Comm…

i’ve heard that the armor for all 3 vests is the same, just that each level has different durability. So for example, let’s say level 1 vest will stop 50% damage but has durability of 75. If vest takes 75 damage it’s destoryed and no longer offers the 50% damage reduction. level 3 vest will also stop 50% damage but has 150 durabilty.

PUBG: How does armor work? When should you swap vests & helmets? Full armor breakdown! Conclusion @ 0:30.

If you scroll down to the colored charts it lets you know how many shots it takes to kill/Damage dealt with what level armor. 3

Armor may refer to… Police Vest (Level 1) Police Vest (Level 2) Military Vest (Level 3) Categories. Categories.

Finding the best PUBG armor will keep you alive and enduring throughout the entirety of the game, able to shrug off damage and push through any firefight.

Using the Alt button (or holding RB and moving the left stick on Xbox) to look around whilst still in cover is perfect for ambushes, but beware your character model does still …

P90 35. MP5K 33 *. Vector 31 *. Micro UZI 26. DBS 26 9. S1897 26 9. S686 26 9. S12K 24 9. Sawed-Off 21 9.

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What is the best level for armor in PUBG?

At first glance, the PUBG armor system looks pretty straightforward. Bulletproof vests and helmets run from levels one to three, and higher-level gear offers better protection. But there’s more you need to know with PUBG, and at times it’s actually beneficial to take a level two item over a level three.

What is a Level 1 Vest in PUBG Mobile?

The key stats for a level one vest are mostly when it comes to 5.56 ARs, SMGs and shotguns. We don’t have official values for anything in PUBG, but a lot of testing from numerous places suggests that a level one vest means it will take four body shots from a 5.56 AR to kill, instead of three without a vest.

What’s new in PUBG payload mode?

The servers of the game went down on Tuesday, October 15 for a maintenance break and it’s time for the PUBG players to experience new heavy weapons, airborne attacks, helicopter and much more to add in the list. The latest Payload mode will come under the Evo Ground section with different modes like TDM and Zombie.

Do loot crates pop up in PUBG Mobile?

The loot crates will remain underground and pop-up to the surface only if the players meet certain conditions of the game. Those crates will have huge halo which will reveal their position and PUBG players can get instant support from them.

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