Csgo how to disable voice chat

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How To Turn It Back On. Go back to your console and type. voice_enable 1. this will put your voice chat back on, and the icon above your hud should be gone too. By JackCanBeBetter. Post Author: Robins Chew. 17 MAR.

In this guide I am going to show you how to disable the text chat in CS:GO nevertheless. How it’s done To disable text chat you have to enter the following command into your console or bind it to a key in your config/autoexec/valve.rc:

bindToggle “key” voice_enable or bind “key” “toggle voice_enable” not voice enable he asks for the way to toggle talking so you dont need to hold to talk

Set to 0 to disable positional voices (normal voice chat). Set to 1 to make the volume of voices change based on the distances between players.

In valve games go into console and type voice_enable 0, that disables voice chat. 1 to turn it in again.

21 hàng · All CS:GO Voice Commands: Console Command: Function: voice_modenable 1. 0 = Disable your microphone. 1 = Enable your microhpone. voice_system_enable 1. 0 = Disable the complete voice system and your microphone. 1 = Enable the …

Follow the process above, but type “bind ^ „voice_enable 1″” instead. Where the ^ is, type the key that you’d like to use for this command. With this done, you can now turn off or on the in-game chat at the tap of a button. It’s instrumental if you suddenly need complete silence.

Experienced players don’t need tips – to turn them off in CSGO, follow the steps below: In the game, open the Settings menu. Navigate to ‘’Game Settings.’’

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