Csgo freezes when alt tab

pc freezes when alt tabbing back into csgo so i have a weird problem. Sometimes if alt tab out of csgo to do something on my second monitor when click back into csgo the csgo screen turns black and whatever is on my second monitor freezes and i cannot do anything on my PC and i have to manual restart it.

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☑️ CS:GO HOW CS:GO HOW TO *FIX* ALT TAB LAG/FREEZING —-☑️ To fix the freezing, just go to settings, search for focus assist and make sure you have unchecke…

It randomly started doing it, when im coming back from ALT+Tab to CS it crashes. And no, windowed borderless isnt option. Rig info can be found from profile and i …

So occasionally when I’ve alt-tabbed from the game and go back, my game freezes for about a good minute. During that time I can’t even end the CSGO process, it’s so frozen up. I haven’t found much trying to search google for similar problems. Only fix I’ve found myself was using native resolution in CSGO, but I don’t want to use it.

Game frozen when alt-tab is pressed, making it slow to change Option 1: Play In Fullscreen Windowed Display Mode Doing option 1 to change your display settings for CS:GO to Fullscreen Windowed will allow you to play your game as if you are playing it in fullscreen but it will actually be in a window that has been resized to fill the entire screen in the resolution which …

csgo crashes when i alt tab (Windows 10 Creators update) Greetings! Recently, my game gets frame drops every few seconds so i disabled everything dvr related and also disabled “fullscreen optimizations”. The game works fine yeah but it freezes as soon as i alt tab. I have to restart my pc to get out of the frozen screen.

Navigate back to the csgo folder in Counter Strike’s installation folder and open the cfg folder. Locate a file called “valve.rc”, right-click on it, choose Rename, and change its name to “valve.old.rc”. Start the game and check to see if the error still appears. Solution 2: Add Some Launch Options

Hey guys, so when playing CS:GO earlier today while I was dead I alt-tabbed out to look at some forum stuff and when I went back into the game my FPS when from about 144-200 to less than 60FPS. This happens sometimes, for whatever reason, and usually quitting the game works. It did not, I figured it’d be a simple re-install to fix then.

When I Alt + Tab back in I’m met with a black screen. Then Windows 10 freeze and I can’t do anything. Steps to reproduce: (1) Start game. (2) Alt + Tab out. (3) Do whatever in Windows 10. (4) Alt + Tab back in. >>>Black screen. (5a) Ctrl + …

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How to fix CSGO crash and freeze?

How to Fix CS:GO Crashes, Freezes and Black Screen Issues Solution 1: Turn off Compatibility Mode and Delete the Executable. If you have turned on compatibility mode for Counter… Solution 2: Tweak the CFG Folder. Sometimes the change in certain game settings can bring the whole game to its …

Why is CSGO freezing in the middle of a match?

CS:GO Freezing in the Middle of the Match with Sound Looping: This happens when the Game freezes and sound continues to loop. CS:GO Keeps Crashing: No matter what has been done, the game crashes either at startup or in the middle.

Why does it take so long to Alt-Tab in CSGO?

When your computer or CS:GO is slow to alt-tab it is because your computer is trying to adjust your screen settings from the resolution you use in CS:GO to the resolution you used when on your Desktop or other program.

Why is Alt-Tab not working on Windows 10 games?

This is nothing new, as Alt-Tab out and into a game is a repeating source of problems across all Windows versions (nothing Windows 10 specific). To my opinion, the real culprit is the transition between the game resolution mode (say: 800×600) and the desktop resolution (say: 1920×1080).

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