What is pubg game all about

There are other answers below: The game starts with you parachuting onto the game island. On landing your mission is to gather everything you can to help you win, from medical supplies to weapons, with a wide range of weapons … The game itself is a take on the Battle Royale (or H1Z1: King of … Read more

How to download pubg mobile beta ios

How to get the PUBG Mobile beta on iOS and Android: Play for free! iOS First you’re going to want to click on this link in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure you’re using Safari – third party browsers aren’t going to work here. Then, click on the link at the top of that page that says “Download iOS Version”.

Pubg can’t tell where shots are coming from

pubg can’t tell where shots are coming from How do you spot snakes in PUBG mobile? When these snakes move (provided you are close to them) you can easily hear the crawling noise. Try to detect from which direction the noise is coming. If you can spot, start shooting or else throw a molly. Does RP matter in PUBG?

How to screenshot in pubg

Which Options to Create a Screenshot in PUBG Do Not Work? The on-board method under Windows with the key combination Windows Key + Shift + S no longer has a known or working save location. Thus, a screenshot is no longer appropriately saved. Where to Find PUBG Screenshots? Generally, screenshots are located in the user’s Windows 10 pictures folder.

Why wont pubg load

Fix 1: Run system file checker. Missing or damaged system files may lead to your PUBG-not-launching issue. If that’s the case, you can use the system file checker tool of Windows to check for any file corruption and thereby repair it. 1) On your keyboard, press the Windows Logo Key and R at the same time to open the Run dialog box.